Monday, November 19, 2012

Hatch's Family Chocoloate = Best hot coco out there.
It is up in the avenues by the hospital. When you all go to the temple lights this holiday season, or a jazz game or just something in downtown SLC, make the trip up there, you will not regret it.
It is actually owned by midgets and well I have been three times and just the other night I saw a midget for the first time. It was a good time.
Only down side, is that I lost a bet and had to be the one to pay for the hot coco. (It expensive hot coco)


Bree Rebman said...

I'll have to try sometime :) and i would love to read a blog post about when ben comes home..:) just sayin!

Sarah Hansen said...

Ah! I have been to this place before and haven't been able to remember the name! Haha thanks!!!